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Joe  Pasquinelli

Joe Pasquinelli

Financial Advisor

Joe Pasquinelli is the newest member of the Alpha Retirement Wealth team. Joe hails from the great state of Illinois by way of Massachusetts where he studied English and Secondary Education at Boston College. While at BC and during his time as an English and Latin teacher at a Catholic high school, Joe took an interest in financial markets reading voraciously on the topics of investing strategies and money management. That seed of interest blossomed into a career in financial services when Joe and his wife moved to Sacramento where he met Matt Curtis and Colbey Philbin. Their attitude and philosophy towards investing is what attracted Joe to Alpha Retirement Wealth. Joe believes that having a written retirement plan with defined goals but enough flexibility to adapt as your needs and the market changes is an essential part of clients’ prospering in retirement. As important to Joe as having clients understand their plan is that their underlying portfolio will be best able to weather any storm that they might encounter in the market. Joe looks forward to working with you and your family to help you maintain your lifestyle in retirement and meet your financial goals.