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Invest Like An Institution

Our process is simple, easy to follow and educational in nature.

 Everything starts with a proprietary “portfolio audit”.  We will first do an in depth probe of your current investments to identify any inefficiencies.  The audit is an educational tool to give clients a clear understanding of how their money is currently invested, without any sales pressure.  We will help educate you on the different strategies and products in your existing accounts.   

Once we have reviewed the audit, we will ask permission to start gathering more information about your specific goals.  Our investment approach is based on each individual WRITTEN retirement plan.  We don’t make recommendations without knowing your individual situation.  Once we know your goals, we will match an investment strategy to meet them.  The goal would be to only take as much risk necessary to achieve your goals. 

Once the plan is implemented, we monitor that plan through software to make sure we are on track with your goals.  We strive to keep clients informed and provide exceptional customer service.  Our clients have access to view their accounts, including fees and performance, to ensure full transparency.