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Invest Like An Institution

Alpha Retirement Wealth was started with three core beliefs. 

  1. Most retail investors are using the same, tired investment strategies with poor results.
  2. Most investors do NOT have a true, written retirement plan.
  3. Most investors do NOT have true transparency into fees and performance.


We figured out long ago that a “good portfolio” is one that delivers consistency over the long haul.  There is some complex math that goes into that “consistency” but to make it simple, a “good portfolio” runs efficiently over time.   Just like getting good gas mileage in your car.

We have come to realize that most “retail” investors are offered the same investment strategies used for almost 100 years.  The investment advisory industry has lacked any true innovation for decades and as a result, most investors’ portfolios are not running efficiently.  In other words, their portfolios are getting bad “gas mileage”.  You wouldn’t drive a Model T and expect Toyota gas mileage but that is exactly what many retail portfolios offer. 

Our strategies cut as much waste and inefficiency as possible to make sure our clients’ experience is stress free.  The strategies we offer are usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy and institutions.  Do you honestly believe the client with millions and millions of dollars is getting offered the same strategies as the “retail” investor?  Of course not.  We offer strategies usually reserved for institutions to our clients. 


The investment approach we take is always based on your individual retirement plan.  If you don’t have a retirement plan, don’t feel bad.  According to a recent study, almost 67% of affluent investors don’t have a written retirement plan.  A comprehensive plan should factor in as many variables as possible THEN an investment approach matched to meet those goals.  Too often we hear stories of clients that have been placed in an “off the shelf” investment strategy without any regard as to what their goals and plans are. 

Have you ever opened up your investment statement and been completely confused by what it says?  You can’t figure out the performance of your nest egg and certainly don’t see any disclosure of fees? Join the club.  We hear it all the time from prospective clients how little transparency they have into their investments and fees. 

We take an educational approach to our client interactions to ensure comfort, understanding and, most of all, TRANSPARENCY!!  We approach your goals from a fiduciary standpoint, making sure your interests are put ahead of our own.    Our mission is to create “informed consumers” so our clients can make the most educated decisions when it comes to their hard earned money. Now, I know EVERY advisor says they have the best strategy/approach to investing but we show our clients IN WRITING how we differ from ordinary advisors.