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Investing shouldn’t be the same for everyone…

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pos•i•tive al•pha

/’päzədiv/ /ˈalfə/

A positive alpha of 1.0 means the fund or stock has outperformed its benchmark index by 1 percent. A similar negative alpha of 1.0 would indicate an underperformance of 1 percent.

Simply Put Higher Returns, Less Risk

Client Centered

Most people invest to retire, so they can enjoy their lives and their families, not because they enjoy investing. However, people need to be informed consumers, most of us shop online for cars and TV’s until we know all there is to know. It is exceedingly important to also be informed consumers with our investments so you can let your money work for YOU!

Who We Are

Alpha Retirement Wealth (ARW) is a Boutique Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) founded on 3 simple beliefs.

  1. Most investors are doing the same thing with poor results.
  2. Most investors do NOT have any type of true retirement or financial plan.
  3. Most investors do NOT have transparency into fees, their performance and their retirement plans.

The root of our job is to manage money well, and although we do offer comprehensive services for our clients, being quality investors for our clients is most important.

Our founders, Matt Curtis & Colbey Philbin began to realize after analyzing dozens upon dozens of investment portfolios, almost every portfolio produced the same results as the others. Why was this? Is this what is really best for most people? To answer these questions we needed to first figure out…

What actually is a “good” portfolio?

The answer, after much quantitative analysis, is actually exceedingly simple… CONSISTENCY! If you want to get a 2% annual return or a 10% annual return, the best portfolio is one that does it ever year. It doesn’t lose half its value one year and double the next to break even–it gets its desired return every year.

So how do we best achieve consistency? Before we found the answer, we knew a couple common strategies, that in our opinion, don’t work well.

First, it’s NOT timing the market (picking when to buy and sell), which is a common trap for do it yourself investors. Second, it’s not trying to beat the market (picking better stocks or bonds than the market), which is the goal of most mutual fund managers…

We believe the answer is “Risk Parity,” what we believe to be the most efficient asset allocation strategy for generating consistent returns.

Sadly, we were not the first to use the strategy, but we are one of the few that offer Risk Parity to the average investor. A gentleman named Ray Dalio who runs the largest hedge fund in the world developed this strategy in 1996. We love Ray and all of his work, but…

…you have to be a billionaire to invest with Ray! We have brought this amazing strategy and his incredible practices to the folks who have less than a billion dollars. We encourage everyone to be an informed consumer and find out how their current portfolio will perform in the market situations Risk Parity is designed to weather!


The Alpha Retirement Wealth Team

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