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Our Philosophy

We have come to realize most investors are offered the same investment strategies, used by Wall Street, used for decades.  The investment advisory industry has lacked any true innovation and as a result, most investors’ portfolios are not running efficiently.  In other words, their investments are getting bad “gas mileage”. This lack of transparency can lead to Wall Street lining their pockets at the expense of investors. Often this happens without consumers even knowing it.

At Alpha Retirement Wealth we pride ourselves in offering complete transparency, eliminating hidden fees and unnecessary waste. We do this through our unique investment approach of transparent, tailor made investment strategies. This results in a simplified and easy to understand approach to your financial goals!

-Our Process-

1st Step: Portfolio Audit

Our portfolio audit examines where Wall Street often hides fees, waste and inefficiencies. Having an audit run on your portfolio allows us to identify any areas in your investments where simple changes can be made to benefit you. Some of the most common areas of improvements are; eliminating hidden fees, minimizing portfolio turnover and reducing redundancies. Most of these hidden problems are eliminated by not owning mutual funds. Identifying and correcting some of these common problems could save you tens of thousands of dollars in retirement. Click below to request your free Portfolio Audit!

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2nd Step: Planning

Many studies have shown, even the most affluent investors do NOT have a written retirement plan. A comprehensive retirement plan is important to analyze the right time to retire and what lifestyle you can afford. It all starts with identifying, and prioritizing, your retirement goals so you can enjoy everything you’ve worked for. Our comprehensive planning will; identify the best strategies to achieve financial success, identify the risks, continuously update your investments, tell you when and how to take social security and provide you a tax efficient income strategy! If you have questions or concerns for your retirement goals, get in touch!

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3rd Step: Transparency & Updates

At Alpha Retirement Wealth we believe in building a transparent relationship with our clients. This is why we use technology partners that allow you easy access to all of your investment and planning information at the click of a button. Often times the investment and retirement planning industry can be confusing and hard to understand. We pride ourselves on simplifying the retirement and financial aspect of your life. Open communication and transparency are a cornerstone to our firm and something everyone has a right to. Click below to learn how we offer these basic rights to our clients.

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-Our Partners-