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Positive Alpha:

Beating the market on a risk adjusted basis

Retirees will all have different needs through the golden years of their lives which makes planning essential.  Many “advisors” fail to make a written plan for their clients that is easy to follow and adjustable.  Not only is having a plan important, the objectives need to be based on reliable underlying portfolio management, also in our opinion, lacking at most firms.  Because of the management style at Alpha Retirement Wealth, our clients can relax as we try and achieve the most predictable returns, with the least risk possible over the course of time.  Our process is completely interactive, transparent, and tailored to the needs of each client.  We don’t have “off the shelf,” one size fitsall plans or retirement strategies.

Today, one of the biggest risk factors retirees face is rising interest rates.  The United States has not been in this type of interest rate environment since the end of World War II making future market performance very difficult to predict.  It is, however, likely that the investment strategies of the last 50 years will be ineffective for portfolios going forward, and it might be time to seek out more sustainable options!

-The Alpha RW Team