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Positive Alpha:

Beating the market on a risk adjusted basis

Meet Our Team

Alpha Retirement Wealth was Founded and Registered with the State of California as a Registered Investment Advisory in January of 2016.  Matt Curtis and Colbey Philbin founded the firm on three simple beliefs based on their opinions, after being in the industry for years.  Those beliefs are; (1) most people have the same or a very similar investment portfolio despite varying risk tolerances, most commonly, mutual funds (2) most people are overpaying in fees and costs for a lack of value, again commonly this is seen in the use of mutual funds and (3) finally, very few people actually have a true written retirement plan or any transparency.  Alpha sets out to change what we believe to be the ‘status quo’ in the industry.

Matt Curtis
Matt CurtisPresident, Principal
Matt was born and raised in Sacramento and graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Psychology. Shortly after graduating, Matt became a Deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.
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Colbey Philbin, AIF®
Colbey Philbin, AIF®Principal, Financial Advisor, 401k Specialist
Colbey Philbin was born and raised in Sacramento. Colbey spent several years in academia studying economics and portfolio theory with the goal of helping everyday people. While at the University of California Santa Cruz,
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Joe Pasquinelli
Joe PasquinelliFinancial Advisor
Joe Pasquinelli is the newest member of the Alpha Retirement Wealth team. Joe hails from the great state of Illinois by way of Massachusetts where he studied English and Secondary Education at Boston College.
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